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2005 GG2T @ IFE company case studies

As part of the Global Gateway2Trade project, oneLondon has brought a number of companies to the International Food and Drink Exhibition (IFE) at Excel, between the 13th & 16th of March. All the companies underwent a rigorous selection process for places and this included a tasting session before a panel of experts. The finalists comprise an eclectic mix of companies, from black and minority ethnic groups, offering their individual interpretation of traditional and contemporary dishes, foods and food appliances.

The companies were selected from across London and include areas in North London, the West and East London. From North London we have Winner Foods Ltd a manufacturer of noodles and pastries for Chinese and Japanese styled dishes. They have established a strong customer base within the Chinese community and would like to expand to others, citing the versatility of their fresh, p>frozen and dried noodles as the factor making them an ideal accompaniment to many meat, fish and vegetable dishes, to suite most palates. The judging panel was particularly impressed with the taste of Winner’s noodles as well as their beautiful packaging. Winner Foods are hoping this event will give them an opportunity to expand internationally, through increased sales to the EU market and nationally, across the UK. The second company to be showcased from North London is Supreme Meats Production Ltd. The company manufactures and distributes frozen foods, in particular Jamaican patties – beef, chicken, lamb, fish, and vegetarian – using ingredients from an age old family recipe. They produce over 3000 patties per day, supplying caterers, shops and take-away outlets and are interested in supplying to the medium to higher end food retailer. The panel of judges was blown away by the spicy kick of the patty fillings, in particular the fish! Silverstone Tropical foods manufacture Caribbean Sun herbal teas, using natural ingredients, fortified with vitamin C and caffeine free. Their teas are a healthy alternative to traditional blends of ice and fruit teas and can be drunk either hot or cold. The teas are made from sorrel - releasing a delightful indigo colour - combined with the fragrances of ginger and peppermint give the tea a tantalising kick. Smoodypod Design Ltd? has designed and manufactured a new and innovative food appliance – the world’s first food texture synchroniser; a juicer and extractor. The product can blend and extract at the same time and has a memory system allowing the user to exchange recipes and to be imaginative with their cocktail and drink creations. The designer, Prince Tikare describes his invention as possessing a unique asymmetrical shape, with an emotional appeal, that challenges the classical design of white goods in general. Prince will present a video display of his product, through the four days of the exhibition, to illustrate its beauty and ingenuity. Apollo Snacks Ltd, our last company from North London, impressed the panel with its wide range of snacks that it manufactures and distributes from its premises. These include such delights as air roasted chilli cashews, seaweed peanut crackers, luxury tropical mix and other extensive ranges of raw and roasted nuts. Apollo Snacks have also introduced an innovative new style of packaging which offers interesting ‘Apollo Facts’ on each of its packets.

From the heart of the East End, via Trinidad, Jeffrey Simon of, Northern Range Ltd manufactures a range of sauces, marinades, cakes and pastries, to suite every palate. Having been in business since 1997, Northern Range are keen to establish new markets nationally and internationally, offering customers an exciting mix of Caribbean style cooking, and combining traditional recipes with contemporary flavours and recipes. The judging panel was impressed by the way the spicy zest flavoured the different dishes and complimented the unique Caribbean seasonings.

The American Muffin Co. Ltd is based in West London, where it manufactures high quality muffins, flapjacks, cookies, brownies and a delicious range of mini cakes. As manufacturers American Muffin is able to offer customers a degree of flexibility when placing orders, in terms of ingredients, quantities and size. The company offers over 70 different formats of its snacks including, gluten-free and/or egg-free muffins and cakes for the specialist market, supplying airlines, schools, bakeries, train operators and hospitality outlets. The panel was impressed with the wide product range that was complimented by American Muffin’s innovative new packaging which is both colourful and practical and contains product information in French and Spanish.

Patricia Lewis of Sam’s Delight manufactures coconut tarts - from her West London premises - a unique dessert from her home of Grenada, shaped like a mini Cornish pasty but delightfully packed with cooked sweet spices and coconut. Her other product is Calypso bun, a moist bun, made from a blend of coconut and spices, using a recipe handed down by her great grand mother! Her customer base is the pan-London, African-Caribbean community and her business objective is to expand internationally through exports to the European and Caribbean market. Sebastiano Petrilli, a founder of Primal Soup prides himself in the company’s ability to create tasty, thick soups without the aid of taste enhancers, preservatives or thickeners. They use seasonal ingredients, organic vegetable stock and follow simple recipes to prepare their own creations, or Primal versions of traditional recipes. In addition to their catering packs and retail packs Primal Soup offer single portion microwaveable soup pots, ‘the most user friendly soup on the market’. The food judges were impressed with Primal’s clever packaging and the ‘one pot’size.

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